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These are the parts that make us bigger


Sales department for spectroscopic and chromatographic instruments, supporting equipment and consumables


Sales department for spectroscopic and chromatographic instruments, supporting equipment and consumables


Team of four employees who are trying to keep the assets and liabilities under control. That society is a society, but a service is always a service.


Technical and software support. Both in the office and in the field.


The primary part of our organization is based on cooperation with pharmaceutical and medical companies. This is reflected in the number of partners we work with.


Realization of ideas for promotional purposes. Our idea for the marketing sector is that the idea is marketing and not the other way around



We keep it and make Laboratory Equipment

Keep it

Keeping It Modern will support grant projects of outstanding architectural significance that promise to advance conservation practices.

Make it modern

Modern workplaces need character and challenge to attract the best talent. It's a deceptively simple truth. In the tech sector in particular, employees have high expectations. They aren't just looking for a job..


Laboratory Equipment

The smartest laboratory solutions are the ones you never have to think about—because they keep you focused on doing the research you need to do. In the smart lab, you have a full range of laboratory equipment and consumables needed to achieve your goals for a variety of applications, including life sciences research.

Our technical support

Our Technical Support Team. Your business deserves to have a technician or a team support professionals who are responsive and take care of your needs. Your business deserves to have our Advance Business Systems highly trained, award winning team on your side!



We are connected with our partners...

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SartoLab admin | Jun 15, 2017

Erweka link to our data. General dealers for Bosnia and Herzegovina (serbian part), Montenegro, Serbia.

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SartoLab admin | Agu 20, 2017

Lancer link to our data. General dealers for Serbia.

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SartoLab admin | Mar 25, 2017

Weiss Technik link to our data. Life Science for Serbia.



Only some basic products. Soon more...

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- Segment of Industrial Scales -

Premium-Segment Premium Segment balances fulfill the highest requirements with regard to measuring accuracy, standard features and use in quality systems: LA Reference ME Standard-Segment Standard Segment balances meet all the demands for practical performance of all weighing applications in the laboratory: Competence CP Extend ED Budget-Segment Budget Segment balances are rugged, easy-to-use balances that are ideal as school balances for the educational market, for use as a second balance, and for portable use in the field without line current: Talent TE

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- ERWEKA TAR 200 -

The TA, available for holding 1, 2 or 4 USP/EP friability or abrasion drums, is the basic USP/EP compliant ERWEKA unit for testing friability and/or abrasion. The rotation speed complies with USP/EP (25 min-1). The test duration can be entered either in time or revolutions using the function keypad. For larger samples the drum/s can be adjusted to the USP/EP required 10° position. A printer, connected to the optional USB interface, allows you to hard copy the test documentation (speed and time). During the test, revolution speed and remaining run time are shown on the clearly visable red LED.

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- Temperature and Climate Test Chamber WT/WK -

The test chambers of the WT and WK series permit reproducible temperature and climate tests for application in all sectors of quality control and improvement. Regardless of the shape and nature of the specimens, high temperature constancy is achieved thanks to the efficient, homogeneous temperature conditioning and climate conditioning of the test space which in turn ensures accurate test results. The climate and temperature working ranges comply with all relevant testing standards such as DIN, ISO, MIL, IEC, DEF or ASTM.



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